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Ebele Okocha is the founder and CEO at BeleO Companies and Brand, a retailer and manufacturer of prestige natural health & beauty products distributed primarily through digital commerce. She strives to use her talents to not only pursue her dreams but to inspire and encourage others to pursue the things in life that set their soul on fire.

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The following is an excerpt: In today’s buyer-driven market, webinars are quickly becoming a preferred online marketing strategy. Many marketers have recognized webinars as valuable opportunities to establish leadership and engage buyers who opt in. By creating a dialogue at the start of the business relationship, marketers offer more value to modern buyers interested in relevance in their […]

The following is an excerpt: In small business, there’s often a temptation to try to save money by doing everything in house, but this can turn out to be a costly, time consuming mistake. Identifying and outsourcing time-intensive tasks in the workplace can enable business owners to devote more energy to the activities in which […]

The following is an excerpt: Starting and growing a business can be difficult regardless of the country’s economic status. This difficulty, however, doesn’t prevent the over half a million businesses that open their doors every year. Unfortunately, many people just don’t have the capital to start their own business. There are people who save up […]

The following is an excerpt The sub-prime mortgage meltdown that started in 2008 had far-reaching effects. At present, it may seem to be over. Stock and home prices have recovered, lenders are once again lending to individuals with less than perfect credit, and the American dream seems to be alive and well. However, the legal […]

The following is an excerpt: Branding is one of the most important aspects of starting and building a small business. Approached correctly, branding will help define a business as a credible entity in its target market and associate the business with its products or services. Here are ten tips for successfully branding your small business. […]