Want Major Buzz for Your Business? Bear Hug the President


Obama-HugThe following is an excerpt:

If you happen to be checking your Yahoo email like myself recently or reading just about any news publication, then you probably came across the story of Scott Van Duzer, owner of Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant who had the pleasure of giving a bear hug to the president of the United States. Lucky guy, most of us would think.

However, even more interesting is what happened after the incident.

According to reports, thousands of users flocked to well-known review site, Yelp, and sent reviews of the establishment in a tailspin, at some point during the day of the news, Big Apple Pizza had an astonishing 2,600 review comments, and the incident received major coverage in news media all over the country. That’s the power of publicity. I can almost imagine that his foot traffic saw a huge spike too. Now granted, some people might argue that this is going to be another 15 minutes of fame and pretty soon the crowd will dwindle away. Yes, they may be right but so what? At the end of the day, his business establishment gained massive publicity within a day that it can leverage in one way or the other.

For most business owners, publicity can be the boost they need to build traffic and get sales moving, and it is a much more cost effective alternative to advertising which can come with a huge price ticket. However in the online marketplace where there is so much competition clamoring for audience attention, it can be challenging to generate that great buzz. If you don’t have the opportunity to give a warm, fuzzy bear hug to the president, here are 5 other ways you could go about gaining publicity online:

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